cannon made by using calcium carbide uses

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    Breech loaders are found on cannons 6F, 60mm,7FYB, 7FRB, 16F, 16mm. Cannons 15FC, 155mm, 10FC, 105mm have charger assemblies built in top of the barrel, that holds a supply of carbide in a hopper. With the press of a button a precise amount of carbide is released into the water tank.

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    Carbide Cannon continued 2 21 inn Scientiic nc Rihts Resered the bottle. 5. Add about 5 g of calcium carbide to the water in the second bottle and replace the bandana or sock in the mouth of the bottle. Let the reaction bubble for 15–20 seconds. 6.

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    PEA Grade Calcium Carbide for miner's lamps. PEA grade is also commonly called MINER'S grade and LAMP grade. PEA grade is the consistency of pea gravel, and is commonly used where a slower release of acetylene gas is needed, such as in miner's lamps, or other small acetylene lamps, pineapple growing, mole and rodent control, sight smokers for sharp shooters.

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    How Carbide Cannons Work The carbide cannon was invented in 1907 and continues to this day as the safest noise maker available. Carbide reacts with water to form acetylene gas and when mixed with oxygen inside the cannon's chamber it creates a small, localized explosive atmosphere.

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    Watch the video to learn how to make a calcium carbide cannon from PVC and check out the chemical reactions below to understand the chemistry of what is happening inside this loud, headache inducing cannon! How to build a carbide cannon (see instructions in YouTube video above) How to do the carbide cannon demo ...

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    Jun 03, 2009· Building a calcium carbonate PVC cannon Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Building a calcium carbonate PVC cannon Started by Kilted Eric, June 2, 2009. 11 posts in this topic ... my better half Iron Jack has made quite a few carbide cannons. Here's a pic of a couple lashed to the deck of the schooner Aldebaran:

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    Calcium Carbide for use in Carbide Lamps. Now available, 1 lb.(GROSS WEIGHT) can of Calcium Carbide! This one pound of carbide can now be shipped through the postal service without costly Hazmat fees. For use in Carbide lamps and blackening of gun sights for match shooting.

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    May 30, 2012· I made a calcium carbide cannon, with only using a can and a copper pipe. A small amount of water is poured into the can, and two pieces of calcium carbide are dropped down the pipe. The video's ...

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    Apparently people either use lighter fluid or calcium carbide. Pressure builds up inside when you put the flame near a small hole drilled in the back and KABOOM! Doesn't look like the safest thing on earth but hey life isn't safe. In video one and two I think it's pretty safe to say alcohol was involved.

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    These cannons use calcium carbide and water to generate acetylene which is then ignited. This method is relatively safe in that if to much carbide is added there will be an excess of acetylene (relative to oxygen) causing a thump rather than a bang.

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    Sep 07, 2015· Make sure the carbide stays dry. That's a big ass jug there! Acetylene gas forms and acts like propane. Humidity will cause the carbide to react. I use to have a mini-carbide cannon. You'd fill a reservoir in the cannon with water drop in about 5 grains of carbide, wait 15-10 seconds and push the spark ignitor (like a Zippo sparker).

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    I live in the Netherlands, where carbide cannons are pretty much a national sport. We use "melkbussen" as cannon, but for bigger cannons really every big pipe will do the job. I say, search on youtube for "carbid schieten", "melkbus schieten" or "carbid kanon".

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    Aug 30, 2006· Best Answer: Calcium carbide is a man made chemical, that when dropped into water, fizzes and generates acetylene gas. It was originally used by coal miners who had small lamps that burned the gas, providing light in the dark mines. It also used in welding, and you can make a really loud cannon with it ...

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    As always, use caution when performing science experiments. Calcium carbide and acetylene gas can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Also, the these cannons can shoot projectiles more than 200 yards (180 meters) and could cause physical harm and/or property damage.

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    Carbide Cannon Stoichiometry in Combustion Reactions Introduction The double replacement reaction of calcium carbide with water produces acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide. Ignite the mixture to catalyze the combustion of acetylene and you have take-off! Oxygen is …

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    Find great deals on eBay for calcium carbide. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: ... CALCIUM CARBIDE FINE grade cannon 2 pounds (32 ounces) ... Acetylene Gas, Its Nature, Properties and Uses; Also Calcium Carbide, Its Compos. Brand New · Hardcover. $31.26. List price: Previous Price $37.51.

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    Jun 23, 2018· I made several cannons out of PVC and instead of using lighter fluid like some guys talk about, I tryed using BANGSITE (calcium carbide) with water and to ignite it, I create the sparks with those Piezo lighters.

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    Calcium carbide was one of the first products of electric arc furnaces, made economical by Niagara Falls in 1888. After cooling, irregular chunks were packed in air-tight containers for sale and used to generate acetylene gas by slowly dropping water on them.

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    Oxy Acetylene Cannon - posted in Cannons: Im just kidding about the oxy/acetylene guys But onto the actual topic: Im looking into making a Carbide cannon. If I buy a pound of Calcium Carbide off of ebay and use that will it work? Also what ratio of water : calcium carbide should I do? Thanks

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    It depends on the age of the carbide. I probably use about a tablespoon when it is fresh and wait about 30 seconds. Older carbide you need to use more and wait longer. If you use a touch hole instead of the flint, timing doesn't matter as much. The cannon won't fire until the acetylene fills the cannon and starts to exit the touch hole. Delete

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    Jun 07, 2009· If I were making one that big I would just use a tank of acetylene from the local welding supply house, and not waste all the calcium carbide and water it would require to make it the old fashioned way. I recall hearing the commercial Bangsite cannons (if they are still made?) were banned in some communities by local regulation.

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    Jul 05, 2006· Welding supply houses used to sell the cannons and the calcium carbide. They make a bang like a 10 gauge shotgun. Mine had a small can in which you put some calcium carbide and water. a rubber hose carried the acetylene gas generated to a combustion chamber made …

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    Feb 22, 2009· I built a 4" PVC Canon and made the barrel 6 feet long. I have found something more powerful than Calcium Carbide for making the loud explosion. I ran a 1/2" hose to a fitting that connected right into the combustion chamber through a valve. I also have a piezo ignitor from a grill to ignite my cannon.

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    Jul 29, 2009· Carbide Cannon : A carbide cannon I made out of PVC using the book Backyard ballistics. Its pretty simple, A mixture of calcium carbide (bangsite) and water.

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    Calcium carbide is an industrially produced substance with the molecular formula CaC2. This means that one molecule of calcium carbide is made of one calcium atom and two carbon atoms. Pure calcium carbide is a colorless, crystalline solid, like rock salt. It's most common application is in the chemical production of acetylene, which is used as ...

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    The Sonic Boom Carbide Cannon is a Super Sonic Expert Level Project, appealing to kids of all ages but requiring more skill and time to build than other SonicDad projects. This cannon is designed for noise making, and is powered by non-flammable Calcium Carbide powder.

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    Craig Beals explains how to build and shoot calcium carbide cannon made from PVC. Included are the chemical reactions and equations for calcium carbide and water producing acetylene gas and the combustion reaction of acetylene with oxygen. The carbide cannon will shoot projectiles several hundred feet using only a small amount of carbide and water!

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