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  • Infrared Heater | Ushio America, Inc.

    USHIO Quartz Infrared Heater lamp is an example of efficiently utilizing the heat output of a specialty halogen lamp. Most of the output from this light source falls in the infrared region, and it is proven to be an extremely efficient heat energy source.

  • Windsor Infrared Fireplace (Assorted Colors) - Sam's Club

    Energy-efficient, fan-forced quartz infrared heat distributes evenly to quickly warm up to 1000 square feet. The infrared firebox preserves humidity for a cozier warmth than standard electric. The convenient remote adjusts heat, flames, logs and downlight.

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    Infrared Solutions & Technologies, LLC is a supplier of electric infrared heaters and oven systems. Joined July 2012 0 Photos and videos Photos and videos

  • Infrared Heaters Suppliers Manufacturers | IQS Directory

    Infrared Heater Manufacturers and Suppliers. ... Our Heat Division can design the medium-wavelength infrared heaters, rapid-heat medium-wavelength quartz infrared heaters, or robust long-wavelength ceramic infrared heaters and systems specific to your needs. ... we offer modern & attractive heating solutions. Our infrared products are also ...

  • Bar Heating Solutions - Infrared Quartz Heaters | Tansun

    Heating Solutions. Bar Heating. Bar Heating Benefits of Tansun infrared heaters for heating bars: Tansun's infrared bar heaters are weatherproof and so can easily be installed in the outdoor areas of a bar, attracting more customers and thereby increasing the bar's revenue. ... Tansun's quartz infrared heaters along with Tansun's energy saving ...

  • Quartz Mini-Tube IR E-Mitters - tempco.com

    Infrared Heaters Process Heaters ... Quartz Mini-Tube IR E-Mitters These e-mitters have highly reflective, rugged aluminized steel housing construction. The standard winding pattern gives uniform heating over the entire face of heater. Consult factory for custom or high intensity winding patterns and/or sizes. An optional built-in type K or J T ...

  • Panoramic Quartz Infrared Stove Heater | Electric ...

    Both useful and beautiful, this engaging design features a 4,600 BTU quartz infrared heater with thermostat control. This super-efficient technology warms you instantly and directly. Rather than warming just the air, our quartz infrared stove actually warms you with the infrared waves.

  • Quartz Tube Infrared Emitters for Process Heating ...

    Replacement IR Emitters - In addition to manufacturing industrial infrared heating solutions to OEMs, ATDs has been a source for replacement shortwave and medium wave quartz halogen infrared lamps for most infrared dryers, pre-dryers, ovens and comfort heaters.

  • Quartz Heaters SuppliersManufacturers | IQS Directory

    Quartz radiant infrared heaters, radiant process heater assemblies plus other temperature measurement and control products are manufactured by us. If your application must reach 1600° in less than 50 seconds, use our quartz radiant infrared heaters; different lengths and diameters are available.

  • Quartz Infrared Heat Lamps | Topbulb

    Quartz Infrared Heat Lamps These specialty quartz halogen tubular heat lamps produce output primarily in the infrared region, providing an extremely intense and efficient heat energy source. Applications range from cooking equipment to state-of-the-art processing of new materials for semiconductor and aerospace industries.

  • 1500W Quartz Infrared Heater - Sam's Club

    The powerful, dual heat settings of our quartz infrared heater provide heat only where and when needed, up to 1,500 square feet of unobstructed space. This heater produces safe, clean, economical heat by utilizing six infrared quartz heating elements, delivering ultimate comfort by keeping the heat virtually even from head to toe.

  • Infrared Heaters - Electric Heating Elements - Friedr ...

    Infrared Solutions. As the applications and demands for infrared heat are manifold, there are as many different infrared systems. Sometimes a product absorbs best the long-wave radiation of a ceramic heater, sometimes the short cycle time demands a short-wave halogen heater. If this is a surface treatment, there is a need for deep heating.

  • CH Series (Infrared Quartz Portable Heaters) - ISC Sales

    CH Series are Portable Quartz Infrared Radiant Heaters for chain-mount applications or cart applications. Get Pricing Today! Industrial Products Supplier - Expert Industrial Solutions

  • Infrared Heaters - Electric Heaters - The Home Depot

    18 in. Tower-style Infrared Quartz heater. 3 extended 18 in. Tower-style Infrared Quartz heater. 3 extended length quartz infrared heating elements provide a powerful 5 120 BTU's of soothing infrared heat. This feature packed unit includes an energy saving ECO setting which maintains a …

  • Portable Infrared Heaters | Hayneedle

    This ultra durable, infrared quartz heater combines an ultra-light design with energy efficiency. A copper heat exchanger, this one uses existing humidity to provide comfortable warmth without reducing oxygen. Plug in and enjoy the warmth of this portable infrared heater. About Energy Wise Solutions

  • Infrared Light Bulbs - Quartz Infrared Heat Lamps | Aamsco ...

    Quartz Infrared Heat Aamsco Lighting offers a wide range of infrared light bulbs and infrared heat lamps. These lights can be used for a variety of applications, from cooking to …

  • quartz infrared solutions - supremewheels.co.za

    Heating Solutions – Quartz Infrared Heating Tansun. Heating Solutions. Tansun's exceptional range of high quality quartz infrared heaters is the most comprehensive and innovative in the world. Tansun have quartz infrared heaters to suit any appliion requiring a reliable heating solution including commercial, domestic, outdoor and industrial ...

  • Infrared round tube emitters - Heraeus Group

    Infrared round tube emitters For some industrial applications, an infrared emitter with just one heating filament in a quartz tube may be precisely the right thing. These emitters are made of high-quality quartz glass, are in most cases shorter than twin-tube IR emitters and, as required, equipped with a …

  • Mul-t-mount infrared heaters - Grainger Industrial Supply

    APPLICATION SOLUTIONS what to look for Outdoor Spot Heating 3-Lamp Series Stainless Steel 2-Lamp Series Brown Enamel ... Quartz Lamp Infrared Heaters provide instantaneous radiant heat in areas where a forced air heater would require more time and energy to heat. Electric Infrared heats people and objects directly, and re-radiates in the form

  • Quartz Infrared Heating Elements - Thermal Solutions of ...

    P2: for solutions up to 180°F (82°C). P6: for solutions 180°F (82°C) - 230°F (110°C). Special configurations and lengths Longer wire and conduit lengths Three phase elements Fluoropolymer (PTFE) guards for chromic acid or solutions over 180°F (82°C). Lower watt densities for highly viscous solutions

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    Our far infrared heaters provide the most efficient heat available on the market. See the COMPARISON . We have our own line of diverse, patented, quartz far infrared Portable room heaters and ceramic far infrared In-Wall and On-Wall systems in every price range.

  • Smithfield Classic 1,500-Watt Infrared Quartz Portable ...

    The Dyna-Glo 1500-Watt Infrared Quartz Heater is the The Dyna-Glo 1500-Watt Infrared Quartz Heater is the perfect indoor heat solution for delivering room-wide warmth to your home. This energy-efficient unit features 3-heat settings (500-Watt 1000-Watt 1500-Watt) while remaining cool to the touch heating areas up to 225 sq. ft.

  • Standard Ovens - WECO International

    These infrared heating oven platens can be designed to operate with Ceramic or Quartz emitters. Ideal for infrared furnace ovens, these custom infrared ovens are designed with thermoforming in mind. ... We sell complete oven solutions for long-wave length elements, medium-wave length elements and short-wave length elements. ...

  • Quartz Tube Heaters - kineticsinfrared.com

    Efficient and Cost-Effective Quartz Tube Infrared Heater Solutions ... Kinetics is a manufacturer of medium and long wave Quartz Tube Heaters and electric infrared Panel Heaters. The quartz infrared heaters are extremely efficient devices and thus,are applied for faster response applications.

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    Quartz Infrared Heaters Related Articles: How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter ... Unfortunately, a quartz heater was not able to heat our living room and dining room space as well as the electric fireplace. We were thankful for the opportunity to borrow it, so we could find out for ourselves. ... Money Solutions. Transfer credit card debt to ...

  • QRC® infrared emitters with nano-reflector - Heraeus Group

    Quartz glass is extremely resistant to heat, acid, alkaline solutions and corroding substances. Contoured QRC® emitters The QRC infrared emitter is continuously being developed further.

  • Ushio America, Inc. T-3 Quartz Halogen ... - infrared heaters

    USHIO Quartz Infrared Heater lamp is an example of efficiently utilizing the heat output of a specialty halogen lamp. Most of the output from this light source falls in the infrared region, and it is proven to be an extremely efficient heat energy source.

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